Impending vs. pending

Impending 意為「(通常指不愉快或具有威脅性的事情或情勢) 即將發生的,逼近的」,但這個形容詞僅能用在名詞之前,如 the impending elections (即將到來的選舉);impending doom (行將毀滅);the impending exams (即將舉行的考試);They were unaware of the impending disaster. (他們未察覺到大難臨頭);The dark clouds suggest an impending storm. (烏雲籠罩顯示暴風雨即將到來)。

Pending 主要意為「懸而未決的;未定的;待完成的」,但這個形容詞也有「即將發生的,逼近的」意思,如 the pending case (懸案);the pending agreement (懸而未決的協議);The murder case has been pending for nearly 10 years. (這一殺人案已懸而未決近 10 年);the pending economic union of ASEAN member states (東協會員國即將達成的經濟聯盟);The results of the investigation were pending. (調查結果即將出爐)。

Pending 亦可當介系詞用,而且頗為常用,意為「直到…時候為止/在…時候之前 (until),在…期間,在等待…之際」,如 Pending our boss’s return from Japan, let us get everything ready. (讓我們在老闆從日本回來之前把一切準備就緒);Allen delayed his decision pending his father’s return. (艾倫等到他父親回來之後才做出決定);The criminals were held in custody pending trial. (那些罪犯被羈押候審)。


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