Slip of the tongue

Slip of the tongue 意為「口誤」。口誤的原因有很多種,包括發音錯誤、看錯字而讀錯或者只是因為疲倦、焦慮、緊張或生病而舌頭打結。

這個慣用語於 1700 年代中期開始成為流行用語。然而,它的前輩 slip of the pen (筆誤) 早在 1600 年代就已出現在文件中。Slip of the tongue 的複數為 slips of the tongue。


  • A slip of the tongue made me say Jack instead of Jeff. (我口誤把傑夫說成了傑克)
  • I called his new girlfriend by his previous girlfriend’s name. It was just a slip of the tongue. (我把他的新女友叫成他前任女友的名字。那只是一個口誤)
  • The news anchor’s innocent slip of the tongue has gone viral, of course. (當然了,那位新聞主播無心的口誤已經爆紅)
  • Whoops, I meant to tell my mother that she was welcome to call over next Monday, but I actually wrote “next month” instead. Oh well, she’ll understand that it was just a slip of the pen. (哎呀!我本來是想告訴我媽媽歡迎她下週一來訪,但我竟然寫成「下個月」。哦,沒關係,她會瞭解那只是筆誤)