stack up; stack up against; staff up; stamp out; stand about/around; stand aside

stack * up +
I stacked up the boxes.

stack * up +
I’ve been stacking up a lot of air miles.

stack up
Work stacked up while I was away on holiday.

stack up
(飛機) 待命盤旋準備降落
Planes were stacking up while the airport was closed after the bomb threat.

stack up against +
The new model doesn’t stack up against the old one.
Our product stacks up against those of our competitors.

staff * up +
為 (某特定計畫、專案或工作) 雇用人員
They haven’t staffed the project up yet.

stamp * out +
The government has started a campaign to stamp out drugs in schools.

stand about/around
(通常指該做事時) 閒站著不做事,呆呆地站著;懶散地站著,懶散地站在…附近
Don’t let the boss see you standing about doing nothing.
We stood around drinking coffee before the lecture.
We stood around for an hour waiting for them to turn up.

stand aside
閃開,讓開 (路),站到一邊
Stand aside, please, the firemen can’t get through.
They quickly stood aside to let me pass.

stand aside
(尤指應該努力防止時) 袖手旁觀
You can’t just stand aside and see the child badly treated.

stand aside
讓位;(在競爭中) 退出
The prime minister should stand aside and let a new leader head the party.