press forward with; press into service; press upon

press forward with +
繼續做某事;把 (某事) 堅持下去
Whatever happens, we must press forward with our plans to recruit more professionals. (無論發生什麼事,我們都必須堅持我們招募更多專業人員的計畫)

press (something) into service
The car’s broken down so I’ve had to press my old motorbike back into service. (汽車壞了,我只好將就騎我那部舊摩托車了)

press * upon +
強迫接受;把 (某物) 強加給 (某人)
Teachers are not allowed to press their political views upon students. (教師不得向學生強行灌輸他們的政治觀點)