Show of hands

Show of hands 意為「舉手表決 (贊成或反對某事)」,是個可數名詞,但通常以 “a show of hands” 的型態出現。這個片語首次出現在 1700 年代末期。


  • The matter will be decided by a show of hands tomorrow. (這件事明天將透過舉手表決來決定)
  • Who is in favor of the proposal? Can I have a show of hands, please? (誰贊成這項建議?請大家舉手表決好嗎?)
  • His re-election to the panel of experts was defeated on/by a show of hands. (他想再次入選該專家小組,但在舉手表決中未獲通過)