Ever 的用法 (一)

Ever 是個副詞,主要意為「在 (過去、現在或未來) 任何時候;從來」,通常用於疑問句,否定句以及表示比較和條件的附屬子句。


  • Have you ever been to New York? (你去過紐約嗎?)
  • Have you ever heard of the word “dotard”? (你聽過「老番癲」這個字嗎?)
  • Do you ever dream about winning the lottery? (你夢想過中樂透嗎?)


Ever 用於否定句時通常與 not、no、none、no one、nobody、nothing 和 hardly 等否定詞連用。例如:

  • No such animal ever existed. (這樣的動物從來就沒有存在過)
  • None of my friends have ever heard of that guy. (我的朋友當中從來就沒有人聽說過那個傢伙)
  • No one ever told me John had moved to Taipei. (從來就沒有人告訴我約翰已搬到台北)
  • It hardly ever rains here in the summer. (這裡夏天幾乎從不下雨) - hardly ever = almost never (幾乎從不)。

Not (…) ever 與 never 同義,兩者可以互換,但 never 比 not ever 要來得常用許多。例如:

  • Never do that again. (千萬不要再做那樣的事了)
    = Don’t ever do that again. - 較不常用。
  • Tom has never been a friend of mine. (湯姆從來就不是我的朋友)
    = Tom hasn’t ever been a friend of mine. - 較不常用。

然而,我們可以將 never 放在句首形成倒裝句來加強語氣,但 not ever 卻不行。例如:

  • Never will we give up the struggle for freedom and peace. (我們絕對不會放棄為自由與和平而奮鬥) (正)
    Not ever will we give up the struggle for freedom and peace. (誤)
  • Never have I seen such a wicked man. (我從未見過這樣邪惡的人) (正)
    Not ever have I seen such a wicked man. (誤)

我們亦可將 never 和 ever 放在一起來加強語氣。Never ever 意為「絕不,從不」,是個相當常用的片語。例如:

  • When there’s a K-pop show on TV, my sister never ever misses it. (只要電視上播出韓國流行音樂節目,我妹妹從不錯過)
  • We must never ever forget what our parents have done for us. (我們絕對不能忘記父母親為我們所做的一切)


Ever 用來強調與過去的比較。主要句型為:As + 原級 + as ever (像往常一樣…);比較級 + than ever (比以前任何時候都…);the + 最高級 + ever (有史以來或歷來最…)。例如:

  • I’m as busy as ever. (我仍像往常一樣忙碌)
  • I thought Gary might be angry, but he was as polite and friendly as ever. (我原本認為蓋瑞可能會生氣,但他卻和以前一樣客氣與友善)
  • He’s worse than ever. (他的病情比以前更嚴重了)
  • The government is spending less than ever on education. (現在政府的教育支出比以前任何時候都要來得低)
  • Mary was more confident than she had ever been. (瑪麗比以前任何時候都更有信心)
  • These are our best results ever. (這些是我們歷來所得到的最好的結果)
    = These are our best-ever results. - 最高級 best 和 ever 之間有時不加連字號。
  • This is the worst disaster ever. (這是有史以來最嚴重的災難)
    = This is the worst-ever disaster.
  • She is one of the very best girls I have ever met. (她是我遇過的最好的女孩之一)