More or less 的用法

More or less 是個略為非正式的片語,當副詞用,意為「大約;幾乎,差不多;多少有些,大致上」。在句中,它通常位在副詞慣常的中間位置,即主詞和主動詞之間、語氣助動詞或第一個助動詞之後,或當主動詞用的 BE 動詞之後。例如:

  • I’ve more or less finished reading the novel. (我差不多已經看完這本小說了)
  • His youngest son was more or less mentally retarded. (他的么兒有點弱智)
  • The plan was more or less a success. (這項計劃大致成功)

More or less 通常位在數字和測量單位之後。例如:

  • The alligator’s 800 kilos, more or less. (這隻短吻鱷大約有 800 公斤重)
  • She can earn 10 US dollars an hour, more or less, as a waitress. (她當服務生一小時可賺 10 美元左右)
  • A sum of three million dollars, more or less, will be needed to carry out the plan. (執行這項計畫需要大約三百萬元)

More or less 不可用在年齡之前。例如:

  • His mother’s about 40. (他媽媽大約 40 歲) (正)
  • His mother’s more or less 40. (誤)