like shit through a tin horn

(副詞) 快,快速地 (quickly)。

  • Traffic today is moving like shit through a tin horn. (今天車流移動快速)


(名詞) 廁所,化妝室 (bathroom, restroom)。

  • He’s in the loo. (他在廁所)
  • I need to go to the loo. (我想上廁所)

(名詞) 馬桶 (toilet)。

  • He’s on the loo. (他在如廁)

low-hanging fruit

(名詞) 整個工作或任務中可輕易做好的部分。

  • We’ve already tackled the low-hanging fruit, but to bring the project to completion is going to require some hard work. (我們已處理了簡單的部分,但要完成這項工程還需要一些艱辛的工作)