As yet 和 as of yet 的用法

這兩個常見的片語為同義詞,意為「截至目前;到目前為止;迄今」。它們大多用於疑問句和否定句,在美式和英式英語中都被廣泛接受。然而,有人認為它們過於冗長,因此往往使用同義但較簡短的 yet 或 so far 來取代。問題是,這兩個片語經常見諸於媒體,而在其他場合亦隨處可見。它們可以放在句首、句末或句中,位於句首時,其後通常有逗點。例如:

  • We haven’t heard from him as yet/as of yet. (截至目前我們還未收到他的信)
  • As yet/As of yet, we have received no answer. (到目前為止,我們還沒有接到答覆)
  • As of yet, there’s no word when the series will be back. [Toronto Sun] (到目前為止,還沒有關於該影集何時回歸的消息 [多倫多太陽報])
  • Readers will be asked to pay for the site once they have accessed an as yet unspecified number of articles a month. [The Guardian] (讀者每月存取一定的文章數量 -具體數量尚未確定 - 後將被要求支付該網站費用 [英國衛報])