hack up; head off; hear about; hear out; hem in

hack up +
We frequently hacked up a lot of phlegm while we were ill. (我們生病時往往會咳出許多痰)
The cat was hacking up a hairball. (那隻貓咳出一團毛球)

hack * up +
(用刀或其他尖銳工具將某物) 砍、劈或剁成碎片、碎塊
He hacked the table up and burnt it. (他把桌子劈成碎片後將它燒掉)
The killer had hacked up the body. (兇手將屍體剁成碎塊)

head * off +
防止,阻止 (不好的情況發生)
The company is giving employees large raises to head off a strike. (公司將給員工大幅加薪以防罷工)

head * off +
The father tried to head the dog off by running towards it. (這位父親朝著狗跑去,試圖把牠趕走)