sign off on; sit up; sleep out; sleep together

sign off on +
正式同意 (某事)
The CEO signed off on the plans to increase the number of foreign workers. (執行長正式同意增加外勞人數的計畫)

sit up
I sat up when he told me he was closing the company. (當他告訴我他將關閉公司時我感到驚訝)
The news that the president was taken ill suddenly really made us sit up. (總統突然病倒的消息著實讓我們大吃一驚)

sit up
I have told you many times to sit up straight. (我已經告訴你很多次要坐直)

share in; share out; shave from; shop around; shore up

share in +
Five sons shared in the billionaire’s inheritance. (五個兒子分享了那個億萬富豪的遺產)
We shared in the responsibility for her misdeeds. (我們分擔她的罪責)
I will share in the activity. (我會參加那項活動)

share * out +
平均分配 (均分)
The boss shared the money out equally. (老闆均分了這筆錢)

rub up against; run by

rub up against +
My cat keeps on rubbing itself up against my leg. (我的貓老是在我的腿上蹭來蹭去)

run * by
向 (某人) 徵求對 (某事) 的看法;就 (某事) 請教 (某人);對 (某人) 說 (某事) (以聽取對方意見)
Cindy ran her ideas by me to see what I felt. (辛蒂跟我說了她的想法,想聽取我的意見)


rough out; round down; round off; round out

rough * out +
He’ll just rough out the whole picture and I can do the details. (他只要概略地畫出草圖,我就能把細節補上)
Professor Chen has roughed out a few basic ideas. (陳教授已勾勒出一些基本構想)

round * down +
捨棄尾數把 (數字、價格等) 調低或降低為整數
A charge of $10.11 will be rounded down to $10. (把 10.11 美元的費用下調為整數 10 美元)

rise above; rise up; rock up; roll off; rope into

rise above +
Helen rose above her pain/bad luck/difficulties. (海倫戰勝了疼痛/厄運/困難)

rise up
At last people rose up and defeated their cruel rulers. (人民終於起義,打敗了殘酷的統治者)

rock up
Do you think many people will rock up? (你覺得會有很多人來嗎?)
He rocked up at my house late one night. (有一天深夜,他突然來到我家)

push through; put forward/forth; put together

push * through +
使 (計劃、建議或法規) 獲得通過
They are trying to push the regulations through as quickly as possible. (他們想儘快促使這些法規獲得通過)
Our CEO is trying to push through this deal. (我們執行長正努力促成這筆交易)

put * forward/forth +
(英/美) 提出 (想法或計劃);推薦 (某人)
The plans that John has put forward/forth deserve serious consideration. (約翰提出的計畫值得認真考慮)
Karen has decided to put her name/put herself forward/forth for promotion. (卡琳已決定自我推薦為晉升人選)

put * together +
I put together the computer desk I bought at IKEA. (我把我在 IKEA 購買的電腦桌組裝起來)


push off; push on; push out; push over

push off
He told me to push off and leave him alone. (他叫我滾開,不要打擾他)

push off
Allen pushed off from the side of the pool and swam slowly to the other side. (艾倫從游泳池的一邊下水,慢慢地游到另一邊)

push on
(尤指在很困難的情況下) 繼續做下去,繼續進行下去;繼續前進
We ran into problems but decided to push on regardless. (我們遭遇問題,但決定不管如何要繼續進行下去)

push about/around; push ahead; push ahead with; push along

push * about/around
使喚 (某人);對 (某人) 粗暴地發號施令
If you think you can push me about like that, you’re mistaken. (如果你認為你能那樣使喚我,那你就錯了)
My boss is always pushing me around. (我的老闆老是把我呼來喚去)

push ahead
(堅定地) 繼續進行,大力推行
They wanted to halt the plan, but we decided to push ahead. (他們想要中止這項計畫,但我們決定繼續推行)

pump into; pump out; pump up

pump (money, funds, etc) into +
把 (大筆金錢、資金等) 投入 (公司、做某事等)
The government has pumped a lot of funds into national health insurance. (政府已投入大筆資金在全民健保上)
We had been pumping money into the company for five years without seeing any results. (五年來我們一直在為這家公司投入大量資金,但還沒有看到任何成果)

pump * out +
用幫浦抽出 (某物中的) 液體;不斷製造;連續播放
They took turns pumping out the water coming into the boat. (他們輪流用幫浦把水從船裡抽出去)
The government continues to pump out the same old propaganda. (政府持續進行那套老式的宣傳)
The students were pumping out music all night at the party. (那些學生整晚在派對上播放音樂)