turf out; turn around/round

turf * out
(英) 趕走 (某人)
You’ll be turfed out of the organisation if you carry on being disruptive. (如果你繼續搗亂的話,你就會被趕出這個組織)

turf * out +
(英) 扔掉,丟棄
I turfed out all my old CDs and old shoes last week. (上週我扔掉所有的舊 CD 和舊鞋子)

turn * around/round +
(使) 好轉,(使) 扭轉,(使) 有起色
The $200 million loan will help turn the economy of this country around. (這筆 2 億美元的貸款將有助於這個國家的經濟好轉)

turn around/round +
(在某段時間內) 完成
I can produce quality work and turn around the translation very quickly. (我不僅能保證品質,而且能很快地完成這項翻譯)

turn around/round
改變主意而 …;轉變態度而 …
It was your idea, so don’t turn around and say you’re too busy. (這可是你的主意,別改變主意說你很忙)