liven up; look out for; look through; luck into

liven * up +
(使) (某人) 振作起來;(使) (某人) 快樂起來
Sam was subdued to start with, but after a while he livened up. (剛開始的時候,山姆有點沈默,但過了一會兒他就活躍起來了)
She’s going to liven herself up a little by going for a run. (她要去跑跑步來提振自己的心情)

liven * up +
(給…) 增色;(使…) 更有趣、更有活力或更美好
A new coat of paint would liven the house up. (新刷一層漆會使房子明亮起來)
Liven up your meals with fresh herbs and spices. (新鮮的香料和調味品會讓飯菜的味道更加鮮美)