pan out

(不及物片語動詞) (結果) 成功;(事情的) 發展;進展順利 (一般用於疑問或否定句)。

  • After I revamped my resume, my job hunt finally panned out, and I got that 80K position at Google! (在我修改了履歷表之後,我終於成功地找到工作,獲得谷歌那個 80K 的職位!)
  • The plan didn’t pan out. (這項計畫結果沒有成功)
  • Their attempt to start a new business didn’t pan out. (他們試圖開展新的事業,但沒有成功)
  • I don’t know how things will pan out now the company’s been taken over. (既然公司已被收購,我不知道未來事情會如何發展)