potato quality

(形容詞) (圖片、影片等多媒體) 低品質的,品質差的 (of bad/low/poor quality)。

  • The picture is potato quality. (這張照片的品質不好)
  • That wallpaper is so potato quality! (那張桌布的品質很差!)
  • Why is the video so potato quality? (這支影片的品質為何這麼差?)

put on the map

(動詞) 使 (某人/某事物) 出名。

  • The mayor has managed to put this sleepy city on the map. (市長已成功地使這個死氣沉沉的城市變得名聞遐邇了)
  • The newspaper story put the small fishing village on the map. (那則報紙的報導使這個小漁村出了名)
  • His first film put him on the map. (他的第一部電影使他聲名大噪)


(形容詞) (主管) 對技術性事務一竅不通的。pointy-haired boss:對技術性事務一竅不通的主管。

  • My daughter’s pointy-haired boss won’t let her connect her Mac laptop to the company network. (我女兒的主管對技術性事務一竅不通,竟然不讓她將麥金塔筆電連接到公司網路)