pump into; pump out; pump up

pump (money, funds, etc) into +
把 (大筆金錢、資金等) 投入 (公司、做某事等)
The government has pumped a lot of funds into national health insurance. (政府已投入大筆資金在全民健保上)
We had been pumping money into the company for five years without seeing any results. (五年來我們一直在為這家公司投入大量資金,但還沒有看到任何成果)

pump * out +
用幫浦抽出 (某物中的) 液體;不斷製造;連續播放
They took turns pumping out the water coming into the boat. (他們輪流用幫浦把水從船裡抽出去)
The government continues to pump out the same old propaganda. (政府持續進行那套老式的宣傳)
The students were pumping out music all night at the party. (那些學生整晚在派對上播放音樂)