crack down on; crack on; crack up; crank out; crank up; crash out; cream off

crack down on +
The police always crack down on drink-driving offences over the Christmas period.

crack on
We had to crack on to get everything finished on time.

crack up
瘋掉;(精神) 崩潰
He cracked up after his son died and had to take a couple of months off work.

crack up
You’ll have to talk louder- you’re cracking up.

crack up
Everybody cracked up when he told the joke.

crack * up +
(使) (飛機、車輛等) 撞毀
He cracked his car up last night when he came off the road.

crank out
My boss keeps cranking out stupid memos.

crank * up +
注射 (毒品)
He’s been cranking up heroin for years.

crank * up +
用曲柄發動 (機器、汽車引擎等)
He cranked the saw up.

crank * up +
提高…的等級 (或程度)
I cranked the volume up as high as it would go.
We’ll have to crank up the air conditioning tonight.

crash out
(通常在很疲倦時) 很快睡著
I crashed out in front of the TV last night.

crash out
(因太累走不動或醉得不省人事而) 睡在某人家裡
David crashed out at a friend’s flat after the end-of-term party.

cream * off +
甄選或挑走 (最好、最優秀的人才)
The private schools cream off many of the best pupils.
They always cream off all the best students.

cream * off +
This means smaller banks can cream off excess profits during lending booms.
I wondered how much Allen had creamed off in addition to his share.