(形容詞) 勢利的 (snobbish)。

  • Her hubby’s very snobby. (她丈夫很勢利)
  • His mom and I don’t get along. I think she’s really snobby. (他媽媽跟我處不來。我認為她真的很勢利)


(名詞) 同時打噴嚏和打嗝。這個字是由 sneeze + burp 拼綴而成。

  • The snurp was so painful! (同時打噴嚏和打嗝很痛苦!)

(動詞) 同時打噴嚏和打嗝。

  • My daughter’s allergies and frequent soda drinking cause her to snurp a lot. (我女兒的過敏及常喝汽水,使她經常同時打噴嚏和打嗝)

spot me

(動詞) 借我 (lend me)。

  • Hey, could you spot me a few bucks ’til payday? (嗨,你能借我一些錢到領薪水?)
  • Hey, spot me some cash for dinner and I’ll pay you back on Thursday. (嗨,借我一些錢吃晚餐,我星期四還你)

slow time

(名詞) 標準時間。cf. fast time

  • Mary: The meeting is at 8am. (瑪麗:會議早上八點舉行)
    John: Is that slow time or fast time? (約翰:那是標準時間還是夏令時間?)
  • I am going to the club. I will be there at 9 o’clock slow time. (我就要上那家夜店。標準時間九點我會到那裡)