this, that, and the other

(名詞) 等等;以及諸如此類;以及其他 (et cetera, and so on, and so forth, and so on and so forth)。

  • My wife bought some seafood, beef, wine, this, that, and the other. (我太太買了一些海產、牛肉、葡萄酒等等)
  • People may not be ready to buy a new couch if they’re moving soon, or if they need to speak with their spouse, or this, that, and the other. (如果人們即將搬家,或者他們需要跟配偶商量或者諸如此類,那麼他們可能還沒準備好購買新沙發)

thunder mug

(名詞) (病人或老人使用的) 座椅式便桶 (commode)。

  • With this diarrhea, my wife sat on the thunder mug all day long. (由於拉肚子,我太太整天都坐在便桶上)

(名詞) 馬桶 (toilet)。

  • I was sitting on the thunder mug reading the newspaper. (我坐在馬桶上看報)

three-finger salute

(名詞) 按「Ctrl + Alt + Del」的動作。在鍵盤上同時按下這三個鍵,可以叫出工作管理員來關閉當掉的程式。

  • My damned computer froze again just a moment ago so I had to give it the three-finger salute. (我那部該死的電腦剛剛又當掉了,所以我不得不給它行三指禮)

table pizza

(名詞) 多人一起吃的披薩。通常被當作配菜 (side dish)。

  • One pizza’s not going to be enough for me… shall we get a table pizza between us? (一個披薩不夠我吃,我們要不要買個大家一起吃的披薩呢?)

tree hugger

(名詞) 極端環保人士;環境保護者 (尤指森林保護者)。

  • Pattie’s such a tree hugger that now she’s out protesting against blowing your nose on Kleenex. (佩蒂是個極端環保人士,現在她站出來反對用面紙擤鼻涕)