(動詞) 嘔吐 (vomit)。

  • Pull over, I think he’s going to uneat his breakfast. (把車子停靠路邊,我想他吃的早餐要吐出來了)

until the cows come home

(副詞) 一段很長的時間 (for a very long time)。

  • “Hey dad, when are we gonna be eating dinner?” (嗨,爸,我們什麼時候吃晚飯?)
    “Not until the cows come home, son. Where the hell are your mother and sister? I’m hungry too.” (不久就可以吃了,兒子。你媽跟你妹妹到底去哪裡? 我也餓了)

up for grabs


  • They’ve decided to change their advertising company, so there’s a big contract up for grabs. (他們已決定換一家廣告公司,所以將有一場鉅額合約的爭奪戰)