cut out; cut through; cut up

cut * out +
排除;剔除;(尤因有害健康而) 停止食用
I’m cutting out salt from my diet.

cut out
(引擎、機器等) 停止運轉
The car cut out at the traffic lights just as they went green.

cut * out +
(從報紙、雜誌等) 剪下、割下
I cut some pictures out to use as visual aids.

cut out
We’d better cut out, the security men are on the way.

cut * out +
將 (家畜) 隔開
They cut out three prime bulls from the herd.

cut through +
He decided to cut through the forest.

cut * up +
He cut the beef up and put the pieces in the soup.
After cutting the tree down, the logger cut it up into logs.

cut * up +
I cut my hand up when I broke the glass.

cut * up
強行超 (某人的) 車
Did you see the way he cut me up there?
I was just driving onto the motorway slip-road, when a Lexus cut me up and I had to brake suddenly to avoid an accident.

cut * up
Her reaction really cut me up.