sit on; sit out; sit over; sit through; sit with; size up; skive off; slack off; slag off; sleep off

sit on +
She’s sat on the finance committee from the beginning.

sit on +
嚴加管教 (某人),嚴厲管束 (某人);壓制 (某人);訓斥 (某人) 使其閉嘴或不鬧事
If his girlfriend finds out, she’ll get mad and sit on him.

sit on +
The government have been sitting on the report because it was so critical.

sit * out +
I had to sit the game out because I was ill.

sit over +
We sat over dinner discussing the plans.

sit through +
一直挨到 (不愉快之事) 結束;耐著性子聽完或看完
I was bored and wanted to leave halfway through, but we sat through the film.

sit with +
It’s hard to see how their new plan sits with the promises they made.

size * up +
The doorstaff sized up everyone entering the club.

size * up +
Soft drinks manufacturers have sized up their products in recent years.

skive off
逃 (學);逃 (課);逃避 (工作)
I pretended I was ill and skived off on Monday.

slack off
Students usually begin the term well, then slack off near the end of the semester.

slag * off +
(嚴厲) 批評;詆毀;責難
The concert was terrible and all the papers slagged the band off.

sleep * off +
(尤指吃多或喝多後) 以睡眠來消除 (不適);以睡眠來消除 (藥物的作用、生氣等)
She went to bed to sleep off the effects of the tequila.
He should be able to sleep off the effects of the drug within a few hours.