simmer down; sink in; sit about/around; sit back; sit by; sit down; sit for; sit in; sit in for; sit in on

simmer down
He told them to simmer down because they were disturbing the class next door.

sink in
The truth finally sank in about her death when it was broadcast on TV.

sit about/around
(尤指應該工作卻) 閒坐著,無所事事地坐著
We spent the afternoon sitting about chatting instead of doing any work.

sit back
We sat back and waited for them to make the first mistake.

sit back
I sat back and enjoyed the show.

sit by
I can’t sit by while they are punished wrongly.

sit * down
協助 (某人) 就座
The nurse sat me down in a chair.

sit for +
(指當模特兒或拍照時) 為…擺姿勢
The Queen sat for another official portrait.

sit for +
替人家照顧小孩 (尤指小孩的父母不在家時)
She sits for her neighbors when they go out.

sit in +
The students sat in the Library as a protest against the increase in tuition fees.

sit in for +
臨時代替 (某人)
I’ll be sitting in for the secretary at the meeting tonight.

sit in on +
She sat in on the meeting and took notes but said nothing.
Do you mind if I sit in on your class this afternoon?