stand back; stand by; stand down; stand for; stand in for; stand out; stand up; stand up for; stand up to

stand back
往後退;遠離 (尤指危險物)
We stood back while he lit the firework.

stand back
置身事外或採取不同的觀點以便清楚思考或瞭解 (某事)
We need to stand back and look at the problem differently.

stand by +
支持,挺 (某人)
He stood by her throughout the trial as he believed her to be innocent.

stand by
I need you to stand by and answer the phone when my broker calls.
The emergency services were standing by waiting for the plane to land.

stand down
(尤指從要職) 退下來,辭職
The minister announced her intention to stand down at the next election.

stand down
(在法庭作證後) 退席
The judge told the witness to stand down after the questioning.

stand for +
SCUBA stands for “self contained underwater breathing apparatus.”
‘What do the letters BBC stand for? ‘ ‘British Broadcasting Corporation.’

stand for +
忍受;容忍 (通常用於否定句)
I won’t stand for people criticizing me.
I’m not going to stand for their rudeness any longer.

stand in for +
暫時代替 (某人)
She had to stand in for the editor while he was on holiday.
I’ll be standing in for David while he’s away.

stand out
Mary is so beautiful! She really stands out in a crowd.
She stood out from the crowd in selection and was offered the job.

stand up
Everybody stood up when the judge entered the court.

stand * up
爽約;放 (某人) 鴿子
I arranged to meet Joe at the library at 8:00, but he stood me up. I hope he has a good excuse.
Did she stand you up?

stand up for +
Every individual must stand up for what they believe in.
He’s the kind of manager who will always stand up for his staff.

stand up to +
抗 (酸);耐 (熱、寒等)
This coat will stand up to the roughest weather conditions.

stand up to +
I think you should stand up to your older brother and tell him to stop pushing you around.
She stood up to the police when they tried to corrupt her.