Ask for 和 demand 之對與錯

  • I called John to ask for his help in fixing my computer. (我打電話給約翰請他幫我修電腦) (正)
  • I called John to demand his help in fixing my computer. (誤)

解說:Ask (someone) for something 意為「要求或請求 (某人) 給予某物」;demand 意為「(強烈、堅決或嚴格) 要求」,說話者預期他們的要求不會遭到拒絕或者堅持不讓對方拒絕要求或不會接受否定的回答。例如:

  • Paul asked his parents for more money, but they refused. (保羅向他父母要更多的錢,但他們拒絕了) (正)
  • The police officer demanded her name and address. (警察要求她說出姓名和住址) (正)

至於 ask + 不定詞,也是「要求,請求」的意思。Ask (someone) to do something 意為「要求或請求 (某人) 做某事」。例如:

  • He asked to see the President. (他要求會見總統)
  • I asked John to help me fix my computer. (我請約翰幫我修電腦)