Farther, farthest 還是 further, furthest 呢?


Farther 和 further 為比較級副詞或比較級形容詞。它們是 far 的不規則比較級型態。它們用來表示距離「更遠 (的);較遠 (的)」。這兩個字的意思並無差異,但 further 比較常見。例如:

  • The fog’s so thick that we can’t see farther than about five meters. (霧太濃了,我們看不見超過五公尺遠的地方)
  • How much farther is it to Taipei Fine Arts Museum? (去台北市立美術館還有多遠?)
  • We can’t go any further; the road’s blocked. (我們不能再前進了;路被堵住了)
  • It was much further to the city hall than I remembered. (去市政府的路比我記憶中要遠得多)

Farther 和 further 都可以用作形容詞來指距離說話者的遠方。例如:

  • We could see a small boat on the farther shore. (我們可以看到遠處的岸邊有一艘小船)
  • At the further (= other) end of the village stood an old ruined house. (村子的另一頭矗立著一棟破舊的房屋)