hollow out; hook into; hose down

hollow * out +
The center of the log has been hollowed out. (圓木的中心被挖空了)
The flood has hollowed out the base of the hotel. (洪水已將飯店的底部掏空了)
The new law has hollowed out local governments. (新法律把地方政府架空了)

hook into +
(將某物) 連接到 (某物)
The new equipment is designed to hook into the most advanced operating systems. (這一新設備係設計來連接到最先進的作業系統)

hook into +
Most people are reluctant to hook into these long-term investments. (大多數人都不願意涉入這些長期的投資)

hose * down +
用水管接水淋澆、沖洗 (乾淨) 等
John is hosing down the garden. (約翰正用水管接水澆花園)
The children were covered in mud so we hosed them down. (孩子們滿身是泥巴,所以我們就用水管接水把他們沖洗乾淨)