Take to the cleaners

Take someone to the cleaners 意為「(通常指透過欺騙) 從某人那裡大撈一筆;騙光某人的錢;徹底擊敗某人」,是個俚語。在 20 世紀初期的 1920 年代,美國乾洗業興起,這個慣用語也跟著出現,一直被使用至今。


  • Her divorce lawyer took her to the cleaners. (她的離婚律師從她身上大撈一筆)
  • Simon was really taken to the cleaners on that deal. (賽蒙在那筆交易上確實賠得精光)
  • That broker has taken a number of clients to the cleaners. (那位掮客騙光了若干客戶的錢)
  • We took the other team to the cleaners. (我們大勝另一隊)
  • Look at the height they’ve got! They’ll take us to the cleaners! (看看他們的身高!他們會把我們打得落花流水!)