tip off; tip over; tire of; tire out; toddle off; tone down; tool up; top off; top out; top up

tip * off +
給 (某人) 通風報信;向 (警察或當局) 告密
The police arrested the drug dealer after someone tipped them off.

tip * over +
(使) 翻倒
I tipped my coffee over and ruined my keyboard.

tire of +
She soon tired of the course and dropped out.

tire * out +
使 (某人) 疲憊不堪,精疲力竭;把 (某人) 累垮
Speaking English all day tires me out.
Working so much tires me out.

toddle off
It’s getting late, so I’m going to toddle off home.

tone * down +
降低…的嚴重性 (或冒犯性);緩和
The Minister tried to tone down what she had said when the press started attacking her.

tool * up +
The company spent a lot on tooling the factory up.

tool * up +
提供武器;武裝 (自己或某人)
The gangsters got tooled up before they went into the club.

top * off +
(以某種方式) 結束,完成
Let’s top off this delightful evening with a drink.

top out
(數量、價格等) 上升到頂點,達到最高點
The temperature topped out at forty degrees yesterday.

top * up +
Let me top up your drink, it’s half gone.