work off; work on; work out; wrap up; wriggle out of; write down; write in; write off; write out; write up

work * off +
She goes to the gym to work off her anger.

work on +
Scientists are working on genetically modified crops and foods.

work * out +
解決 (難題等);找到…答案
I hope you two can work out your problems.
I couldn’t work out all the answers to the crossword puzzle.

work out
I work out three times a week at the fitness center.

work out
I am glad your new catering business is working out.

wrap * up +
They wrapped up the presents then put a ribbon around them.

wrap up
(使) 穿得暖和
Wrap up carefully or you’ll catch your death of cold outside in that rain.

wrap * up +
That wraps things up, so we’ll end this meeting.

wriggle out of +
逃避 (做某事)
He always manages to wriggle out of any extra work we get.

write * down +
Write down the directions so you don’t forget them.

write in
投書、寫信給 (電視台、報社等);寫信索取
They asked viewers to write in with their opinions and suggestions.

write * off +
報廢 (車輛)
After the crash, the insurance company agreed to write off the car as a total loss.

write * out +
He wrote out the lyrics so I could understand what the singer was saying.

write * up +
(利用已有的筆記) 寫出報告;把…寫成文章等
He wrote up a business proposition in order to get a loan.