block off; block out; block up; blow away; blow down; blow in; blow off; blow out; blow over; blow up

block * off +
The police blocked off the road after the murder.

block * out +
擋住,遮住 (光線或聲音)
The trees block the sun out most of the day.

block * out +
It was so unpleasant that I try to block it out– otherwise, I’d just be angry all the time.

block * up +
The pipe’s blocked up and no water gets through.

blow * away +
He grabbed a gun and blew the police officer away.

blow * away +
輕易戰勝;輕易打敗;輕取 (對手)
Their new product has blown all the others away.

blow * away
Her first novel blew me away.

blow away
(被風等) 吹走
The flag blew away in the storm; we’ll have to buy a new one.

blow * down +
(被風) 吹倒
A tree was blown down in the storm.

blow in
My cousin blew in unexpectedly with his entire family.

blow * off
沒有做 (承諾過或安排好的事情)
We were going to meet last night, but she blew me off at the last minute.

blow * off +
I blew the homework off and did badly.

blow * out +
(被) 吹熄
She blew the candles out on her birthday cake.

blow over
(危險或難堪的情況) 平息;被淡忘;過去了
All this negative publicity will blow over in a couple of weeks.
The scandal blew over within a fortnight when the press found someone else to attack.

blow * up +
爆炸;(被) 炸毀
The terrorists blew the bridge up.

blow up
The bomb blew up before they could defuse it.

blow up
When Joan heard the news, she blew up and rushed out of the room.

blow * up +
The pressure was low, so I blew the tyre up.