(副詞/名詞) 到處,各處,處處 (= everywhere)。

  • I’ve been errwhere. (我什麼地方都去過了)
  • She can’t find her pen though she’s looked errwhere. (她到處找那支筆,但就是找不到)

ear candy

(名詞 - 不可數) 悅耳的音樂;好聽的腔調或聲音。

  • I need to get that CD and listen to some ear candy. (我必須去買那張 CD,聽一些悅耳的音樂)

(名詞 - 不可數) 腔調或聲音好聽的人。

  • That girl from Taipei is ear candy. (那位從台北來的女孩,說話的聲音很好聽)


(動詞) 盯著看;仔細打量。

  • That bully eyeballs everyone like he wants to pick a fight. (那個惡霸盯著每個人看,好像想找人打架)

(動詞) 目測。

  • How long is the hallway? About 10m, just eyeballing it. (這走廊有多長? 目測的話,大概 10 公尺)


(名詞) 下班的時候。為 end of day 的縮寫,辦公室用語,意為當天結束時,即下班的時候。

  • I need that report by EOD. (下班前我需要那份報告)
  • Please come up with a solution by EOD. (請在下班前提出解決方案)

everybody and their mom

(片語) 很多人 (a lot of people)。亦說成 everybody and their mama。永遠是單數,所以若當主詞,須用單數動詞。

  • I tried to buy the tickets to the Taipei concert of Lady Gaga, but everybody and their mom was there. (我試圖購買女神卡卡台北演唱會的門票,但那裡已經有很多人了)