(名詞) 精力 (power);活力 (strength);熱情。

  • It’s very important to have a person with some oomph in charge of the department. (讓一個精力充沛的人來掌管這個部門是很重要的)
  • You want a truck with a bit of oomph. (你需要一輛動力有些強大的卡車)

old man

(名詞) 老爸

  • I’m going to take the old man out for a drink tonight. (今晚我要帶老爸外出喝一杯)

(名詞) 老公

  • My old man‘s promised to take me to the concert. (我老公已保證要帶我去看演唱會)


(名詞) 團隊;組織;公司;部隊。這個字為集合名詞,可接單數或複數動詞。

  • He has recently set up his own marketing outfit. (他最近成立了自己的行銷團隊)
  • He’s running that outfit. (他現在經營管理那個機構)


(副詞) 顯然地,明顯地 (obviously)。

  • Obvi he wants you to go to the party. (顯然地,他要你參加這項派對)
  • Mary obvi wants Sam to forget his unhappy childhood. (瑪麗顯然要山姆忘記他不幸的童年)

out to lunch

(形容詞) (行為或想法) 怪異的,瘋狂的。

  • That girl is really out to lunch. (那女孩很怪異)

(形容詞) 不注意的;心不在焉的。

  • The waitress didn’t bring us anything we ordered. She is completely out to lunch. (女服務生未送來我們所點的任何餐飲。她完全心不在焉)