ferret about/around; fetch up; finish off; finish up; finish up with

ferret about/around (in/among/through sth.)
(在某物中) 到處搜尋
I was just ferreting about/around in my drawer for my ID card. (我當時正在翻抽屜找我的身份證)

fetch up
(主英) 偶然來到,意外到達
I wonder what time Allen will fetch up. (我不知道艾倫何時會突然現身)

finish * off +
完成,使完結;吃完,喝完,用完;殺死,毀滅,幹掉 (尤指已受傷者);(在體育比賽中) 擊敗 (對手)
I want to finish off this letter before I go to bed. (我想寫完這封信再上床睡覺)
We may as well finish off this box of chocolates – there’s only a little bit left. (我們不如把這盒巧克力都吃了 — 反正只剩下一點點)
The wildebeest was badly hurt, so they finished it off to end its suffering. (那隻牛羚受傷嚴重,所以他們就把牠殺了來結束牠的痛苦)
John could wrestle well enough to finish off most of his opponents. (約翰摔角摔得很好,他的對手大多是他的手下敗將)

finish up
最終到達 (某地);最終處於 (某種情況)
Mary married an Australian and finished up in Sydney. (瑪麗嫁給了一個澳洲人,最後在雪梨定居了)
You’ll finish up dead if you carry on drinking like that. (如果你繼續這樣喝下去的話,你會把自己喝死的)

finish up with +
They had an excellent dinner, and finished up with a glass of wine. (他們飽餐了一頓,最後喝了一杯葡萄酒)
We held a celebration, with a new film to finish up with. (我們舉行了慶祝會,最後放映了一部新電影)