finish with; fink on; fink out; fit in with; fit out; fit out with

finish with +
(主英) 與…分手;與…斷絕關係;終止與…的聯繫
Amy finished with her boyfriend when she discovered he was having an affair. (艾美發現她男友劈腿後就跟他分手了)
They have finished with each other after the quarrel. (他們吵過之後就絕交了)

finish * with +
不再使用 (或需要)
Have you finished with that newspaper? (那份報紙看完了嗎?)
Have you finished with the telephone? (你電話用好了嗎?)

fink on +
告 (某人) 的密
He finked on me to the teacher. (他向老師告我的密)

fink out
We’d planned to go swimming but at the last minute Jack finked out. (我們原本計劃去游泳,但傑克在最後一刻食言了)

fit in with +
My ideas did not quite fit in with their aims. (我的想法和他們的目標不完全一致)

fit * out +
We fitted out the car for the race. (我們為車子進行必要的裝配,以便參加賽車)

fit * out with +
提供 (某人) 必要的裝備
Tom didn’t fit his son out with the necessary protective helmet. (湯姆未提供他兒子必要的安全帽)