fit in; fit into; fit up; fix up; fizzle out; flag down; flag up; flake out; flame out; flame up

fit in
適應;適合;(跟…) 合得來
I didn’t fit in with the other people working there so I left and found another job.

fit * in +
(有足夠的時間) 應付,處理,做某事;(有足夠的空間) 可以容納,裝得下
I didn’t have time to fit in another appointment.

fit into +
(使) 適合,(使) 符合
Their ideas didn’t fit into our plans.

fit * up +
陷害;給 (某人) 羅織罪名
The police fitted him up for dealing drugs.

fit * up
They fitted us up with the latest IT.

fix * up +
修復,裝修,翻新 (房子)
My neighbors are fixing their house up.

fix * up +
He fixed up an appointment for me to see a specialist.

fizzle out
最終失敗;終成泡影;毫無結果 (尤指順利開始以後)
The campaign started well, but fizzled out when they ran out of money.

flag * down +
揮旗或揮手示意…停車 (或…車停下來);招手攔 (車)
The police officer flagged the car down because it didn’t have its headlights on.

flag * up +
提出 (某問題);凸顯 (某問題的重要性)
We should flag up working conditions at the meeting.

flake out
累得睡著了;(因疲倦而) 很快入睡
I worked till midnight then flaked out.

flame out
(公司、企業等) 倒閉
The company flamed out in the recession.

flame up
The wood flamed up in the fire.