go for; go for it; go forth; go forward; go in; go in for; go in with

go for +
Our team is going for the gold medal in the Olympics.
There were 200 people going for just three jobs.

go for +
I don’t really go for horror films.
Do you go for tall men? I go for clever men, whatever they look like.

go for +
攻擊,打 (某人);抨擊,責罵
The neighbor’s dog went for the postman and bit him.
The media has really gone for Simon’s new book in a big way!

go for +
I think I’ll go for the steak. What are you having?

go for +
It’s a couch that also goes for a bed.

go for it
Go for it, you will be successful.

go for it
(你) 去吧!
Mary: I’m going to go outside for a breath of fresh air.
John: Go for it. I’ll just be gonna chill (= relax) here.

go forth
He went forth and found a wife in another city.

go forth
They went forth to spread the word of the new religion.

go forward
(鐘錶) 往前撥
Do the clocks go forward in the summer?

go forward
The top three teams go forward to the next round.

go in
住院 (接受治療、手術等)
He went in for a triple bypass operation two days ago.

go in
(某物) 進得去;放得進去
This nail won’t go in. I think it must have hit a brick.
That space is too small, so the bookcase won’t go in.

go in
(太陽、月亮、星星等) 躲到雲裡,被雲遮住
The sun has gone in.

go in
The troops went in at dawn.

go in for +
參加 (比賽、考試等)
Are you going to go in for soccer this year at school?
I’d like to go in for a more advanced exam if I can.

go in for +
I don’t go in for the claims being made about blogging.

go in for +
He goes in for classical music.
I don’t go in for golf much.

go in for +
從事 (某職業)
Have you thought about going in for teaching?
I think he’s planning to go in for politics.

go in with +
They’re going to go in with the Social Democrats.

go in with +
She’s gone in with an ex-colleague on a new restaurant idea.
Ask the other to go in with them on the plan