land in; land up in; land with; let in on

land * in
(英) 使 (某人) 陷入困境
She landed herself in deep/hot water by lying to the tax office about her earnings. (她因向稅務部門謊報收入而惹上了大麻煩)

land up in +
(英) (尤指在事先沒有計劃的情況下) 最終到達 (某地點) 或結果處於 (某狀況或處境)
When we accepted that ride in Nanjing , we never expected to land up in Beijing. (我們在南京搭那趟便車時根本沒想到會來到北京)
He’ll land up in hospital if he carries on drinking like that. (如果他繼續那樣喝酒,他最終一定會被送進醫院)

land * with
給 (某人) 惹 (麻煩),給 (某人) 出 (難題)
John’s gone off on holiday and I’ve been landed with the job of cleaning up his mistakes. (約翰去度假了,結果改正他的錯誤的任務就落在了我的頭上)
I was landed with the kids/with washing the car. (照顧小孩 / 洗車的任務落在了我頭上)

let * in on +
向 (某人) 公開;允許 (某人) 參與 (秘密的事情)
Paul agreed to let me in on his plans. (保羅同意讓我參加他的計劃)