lock yourself away; log in; log into; log off; log on; log out; look after; look back; look back on; look down on; look for; look forward to; look in; look in on; look into

lock yourself away +
I lock myself away for a few weeks before exams.

log in
登入 (電腦系統)
I had forgotten my password and couldn’t log in.

log into +
登入 (電腦系統)
I logged into the staff intranet to check my email.

log off +
登出 (電腦系統)
When she’d finished working on the spreadsheet, she logged off and left the office.

log on +
登入 (電腦系統)
He entered his password for the college intranet and logged on.

log out
登出 (電腦系統)
Danny closed the programs and logged out when it was time to go home.

look after +
When my sister goes on vacation, I look after her dog.

look back
When we look back, we can now understand what caused the difficulty.

look back on +
When I look back on my childhood, I often feel angry.

look down on +
She’s so conceited. She looks down on everybody else.

look for +
尋找 [通常用進行式]
I’m looking for my keys. Have you seen them?

look forward to +
(衷心) 企盼,期望,期待
I am looking forward to traveling to New York next year.

look in
(尤指某人生病或可能需要幫助時) 順路探訪,短暫拜訪
I’ll look in on my way home.

look in on +
(尤指某人生病或可能需要幫助時) 順路探訪,短暫拜訪
I’m going to look in on grannie on the way home tonight as she’s been a bit unwell recently.

look into +
調查,研究 (問題,罪行等)
The police are looking into the murder.