After 和 afterwards 的用法差異

After 可當介系詞、連接詞和副詞用,而 afterwards 只能當副詞用。

After 用作介系詞時意為「(時間、地點或順序) 在 … 之後,在 … 以後;在 … 後面;隨 … 之後」。例如:

  • They’re planning to meet at half after seven. (他們打算七點半見面)
  • Let’s go for a walk after dinner. (我們晚餐後去散步吧)
  • Mary came in after John. (瑪麗在約翰之後進來)
  • There’s a good concert on the day after tomorrow. (後天有一場不錯的音樂會)
  • His house is just after the park, on the right. (他的房子就位在公園的後面,在右邊)
  • My name came after his on the list. (名單上我的名字排在他後面)