share in; share out; shave from; shop around; shore up

share in +
Five sons shared in the billionaire’s inheritance. (五個兒子分享了那個億萬富豪的遺產)
We shared in the responsibility for her misdeeds. (我們分擔她的罪責)
I will share in the activity. (我會參加那項活動)

share * out +
平均分配 (均分)
The boss shared the money out equally. (老闆均分了這筆錢)


英文:shop around (v.)

說明:這個不及物片語動詞除了「貨比三家;多問幾家比較後選購」的意思外,還意為「認真選擇,仔細考慮」。其後通常接介系詞 for 再接選購或選擇的事物。


  • When you’re buying air tickets, you should always shop around for the best deal. (買機票時,你得多問幾家才能買到最便宜的票)
  • Don’t buy the first car you see: Shop around a bit. (買車時別見到第一輛就買:貨比三家不吃虧)
  • I’m shopping around for a new computer. (我逛了好幾家店,想買一部新電腦)
  • I think David’s shopping around for a new girlfriend. (我想大衛正在物色新女友)
  • They shopped around for a long time before deciding on the kindergarten. (他們比較考慮了很長時間後才選定這所幼兒園)