throw away; throw in; throw off; throw on; throw out; throw over; throw together; throw up

throw * away + (= throw out)
Don’t throw away those bottles; we can recycle them.

throw * in +
Buy a computer now and get a free printer thrown in!
The shop threw in a printer so I bought a computer from it.

throw * off +
迅速脫掉 (衣服等)
Sam threw off his shoes and flopped on the settee.

throw * off +
擺脫 (壞事);甩掉,擺脫掉 (追趕者)
It took me two weeks to throw off my cold.
They threw the police off at the bridge.

throw * on +
迅速穿上 (衣服等)
Robert threw on a jacket and rushed outside.

throw * out + (= throw away)
I asked him not to throw out the Sunday newspaper because I wanted to save an article.

throw * out +
迫使 (某人) 離開 (房間、屋子、學校等)
Mary threw out her roommate because she stopped paying rent.
The school threw Tony out for smoking.

throw * out +
Bruce slipped on the ice and threw out his shoulder.

throw * out + (= throw over)
The committee threw the proposal out.

throw * out +
發出 (光、熱等);冒煙,冒氣
The truck throws out a lot of smoke.

throw * over +
與 (某人) 分手;與 (某人) 斷絕關係
Mary threw Allen over last year.

throw * over + (= throw out)
I flatly threw over the agreement.

throw * together +
She threw a quick dinner together before we left.

throw up
If you drink too much alcohol, you might throw up.

throw * up +
The system has thrown up a lot of problems.

throw * up +
Cindy threw up her job to go travelling.

throw * up +
揚起 (灰塵);濺起 (水)
The road was bumpy and the car in front was throwing up so much dust that we could hardly see where we were going.