bring on; bring out; bring out in; bring round; bring to; bring up; brush off; brush up; bubble over; buck up

bring * on +
引起,導致 (尤指疾病)
Getting wet in the rain yesterday brought on my cold.

bring * on +
Bring on the dancers!

bring * out +
推出 (新產品);出版
The band are bringing out a new CD in the autumn.

bring * out +
使顯現出,使暴露出 (特性、特質等)
Your new shirt brings out the color of your eyes.
Susan brings out the best in him.
Plenty of money often brings out the worst in someone.

bring * out in
使 (某人) 發生健康問題或產生負面情緒反應
It was the lobster that brought me out in this rash all over my body.
Don’t mention what happened last week, it could bring him out in a temper.

bring * round
使 (某人) 恢復知覺
The doctors brought him round a few hours after the operation.
We threw water in his face to try and bring him round.

bring * to
We used smelling salts to bring her to after she fainted.

bring * up +
I didn’t want to bring up the fact that she was unemployed.

bring * up +
養育 (小孩)
Sam was brought up in South Carolina.
She brought up three sons on her own.

bring * up +
使出庭受審;(因某罪名而) 傳訊 (某人) 出庭
He was brought up on charges of public intoxication.

brush * off +
不理會 (某人或某事);不聽;不接受;不承認
Mary brushed her ex-boyfriend off at the party.
I tried to tell him, but he just brushed me off.

brush * up +
She took a two-week course to brush up her Spanish before she travelling around South and Central America.

bubble over
充滿:洋溢 (到了極點的某情緒)
She bubbled over with joy when she heard her exam results.

buck up
Buck up – the taxi’s waiting.’

buck * up +
You’d better buck your ideas up, or you’ll fail the course.