do a snow job on

(動詞) 欺騙 (某人),哄騙 (某人)。Snow job 這個名詞為美國俚語,意為「欺騙,哄騙」。

  • Don’t try to do a snow job on me! (別想騙我!)
  • The company did a snow job on customers by selling old computers as new ones. (該公司用舊電腦冒充新電腦出售,欺騙顧客)

do a number on

(動詞) 虐待;惡劣地對待。

  • Both parents have denied charges of doing a number on their children. (父母雙方均否認虐待子女的指控)
  • I’m not surprised you’re tired out; this job can really do a number on you at times. (你累壞了我並不驚訝;這項工作有時真的會搞死你)
  • Your ex-girlfriend really did a number on you, huh? (你的前女友真的對你很不好,是不是?)



(形容詞) 愚蠢的 (stupid, dumb, unintelligent)。

  • She was really daft to dump John. (她把約翰甩了,真是愚蠢至極)
  • How could you be so daft? (你怎麼會這麼傻?)


(副詞) 獨自;單獨地 (by oneself)。

  • The little boy went out dolo. (小男孩獨自一人出去了)

(形容詞) 阮囊羞澀的;身無分文的。

  • I’m dolo right now. (我現在身無分文)

(名詞 - 不可數) 錢 (money),與 dough 同義。

  • I need some dolo right now. (我現在需要一些錢)


(形容詞) 美味的,可口的 (delicious)。

  • This cake is absolutely delish! (這蛋糕絕對好吃!)
  • The dinner was delish. (晚餐很好吃)
  • That food was really delish. (那食物真是美味可口)