do a number on

(動詞) 虐待;惡劣地對待。

  • Both parents have denied charges of doing a number on their children. (父母雙方均否認虐待子女的指控)
  • I’m not surprised you’re tired out; this job can really do a number on you at times. (你累壞了我並不驚訝;這項工作有時真的會搞死你)
  • Your ex-girlfriend really did a number on you, huh? (你的前女友真的對你很不好,是不是?)

(動詞) 損壞;做某事做得很差勁。

  • My brother really did a number on my car. That’s the last time I hire family to do repairs. (我弟弟真的弄壞了我的車子。那是我最後一次雇用家人修車)