Clash with an outfit

三月間在大S的婚禮上,她的婆婆張蘭跟范冰冰撞衫,雙方都覺得很糗。更早之前,在今年大年初六,名模林志玲穿著一套 8 萬元的名牌迷彩風衣,但眼尖的時尚專家發現,林志玲這件衣服,早在半年前徐若萱就穿過了,發生撞衫、還慢人家半年,實在很糗。從這兩起事件可以看出,儘管名流 (大多是女性) 撞衫時有所聞,但對她們來說,撞衫是一種忌諱。

「撞衫」的意思是「在同一場合穿了一樣的衣服」。走筆至此,讀者一定猜到本文要談的是「撞衫」的英文,而那就是本文的標題 clash with an outfit。讀者只猜對一半,因為「撞衫」正確的英文說法並非 clash with an outfit,這是網路上流傳的錯誤翻譯,有予以更正的必要,以免以訛傳訛。再者,英文雖有 outfit clash 的說法,但這一用語的意思是「衣服不搭配」,也不是「撞衫」,如 Outfit clashes are taboo to celebs. (名流忌諱穿衣服不搭配)。

Clash with 這個片語用在服裝上是指「不搭配」或「(顏色、圖案等) 不相配」,為 match 的相反詞,如 His T-shirt clashed with his shorts. (他的T恤和短褲不相配);Her handbag matches her shoes well. (她的包包和她的鞋子很搭配);The color of the shirt clashes with that of the tie. (襯衫的顏色跟領帶的顏色不搭配)。

「撞衫」的正確翻譯是 “to wear the same kind of dress/clothes/clothing with someone”,如 When Julia Roberts was walking on the red carpet, she found she happened to wear the same kind of dress with Scarlett Johansson. (茱莉亞羅勃茲走紅地毯時發現她與史嘉蕾喬韓森撞衫了);At the award-giving party, the two supermodels happened to be dressed in the same style and color. (在頒獎晚會上,這兩位超模撞衫了)。

Clash with 還有其他意思,如「衝突」,這是大家所熟知的意思,在此就不再贅述。值得一提的是,這片語還意為「撞期;衝堂」,如 The exam dates clash with Mary’s wedding. (考試日期和瑪麗的婚禮撞期);My History clashes with Geography, so I’m not going to take the latter this semester. (我的歷史課和地理課衝堂,所以這學期我不修地理)。



  1. 英文雖有 outfit clash 的說法,但這一用語的意思是「衣服不搭配」而非「撞衫」,如 Outfit clashes are taboo to celebs. (名流忌諱穿衣服不搭配)。從您引用的文章 (I’m scared of outfit clash: Rihanna) 就可看出,蕾哈娜在文中提到 fashion faux 和 match,可見她說的是衣服搭不搭配的問題,而非撞衫。


  2. We were like, `Oh my god.` We were both going in this dress by Dolce and Gabbana with Marilyn Monroe`s face all over it. She was like, `You can`t. I`ve had my nails done in mink and it matches the dress. I thought, seeing as she`d gone to all that effort, I`d let her wear it,” she said. 那這段又是什麼意思?

  3. I think cin was right about this, we can see very clear from the picture.

    Thank you both. 🙂

  4. It seems like outfit clash DOES mean wearing the same outfits in English, although “clash” itself, as a verb, means that the patterns of the items on a person don’t match.
    Just google “outfit clash” and you’ll find bunches of articles about celebrities wearing identical or similar outfits.