Facebook official

(形容詞) 在臉書「感情狀況」(relationship status) 中公開與某人交往的。

  • John gave Mary flowers for her birthday, are they dating? No, I checked this morning and it wasn’t Facebook official. (約翰送花給瑪麗當生日禮物,他們在拍拖嗎?沒有,今天早上我看了他們臉書的感情狀況,上面是空白的)
  • Sam: Simon is goin’ out with Monica now. (山姆:賽蒙現在和莫妮卡正在戀愛中)
    Paul: Yeah I know she updated her status. It’s Facebook official now. (保羅:沒錯,我知道她更新了她的感情狀況。臉書上可以看得到)
  • A: Hey man, are you going out with Cindy yet? (A:嗨,老兄,你還在跟辛蒂交往嗎?)
    B: Yeah, dude, it’s Facebook official now. (B:沒錯,老兄,這都在臉書上公開了)
  • Tom: So are they not friends anymore? (湯姆:所以,他們不再是朋友了?)
    Mike: Nope, it’s Facebook official, she deleted him. (麥克:沒錯,這可以在臉書上看得到,她把他刪了)