get on to; get on with; get onto; get out; get out of; get out!

get on to +
It took the authorities a long time to get on to the gang.

get on with +
Do you get on with your neighbors?

get on with +
(中斷後) 繼續某一活動;(中斷後) 繼續做某事
Now that the police have left, let’s get on with the party!
She told us to get on with our work.

get onto +
開始討論 (某主題);開始談到 (某事物)
We didn’t get onto the third item on the agenda.

get onto +
當選為;被任命為 (…的委員)
He didn’t get onto the committee.

get onto +
上 (電視或電台)
He got onto every major channel after the accident.

get onto +
(口頭或書面 — 尤指透過電話) 與 (某人) 聯繫
We’d better get onto someone to fix this.

get onto +
上 (飛機、火車等)
She got onto the plane just before it took off.

get out
外出;出去;離開 (某空間)
She doesn’t get out much now she has her baby.

get out
(秘密、消息等) 洩漏,走漏
How did the news of his appointment get out before it was officially made known?

get out
離開 (某地方);走出去,走出來;逃脫
The dog got out because I left the door open.

get * out
(從儲放處、隱藏處或停放處) 拿出,取出;把 (車) 開出來
I got the car out so that we could load up the suitcases.

get * out
清除 (班點、污垢、污跡、不想要的東西)
I spilled some red wine on my carpet and can’t get the stains out.

get * out
We have to get the report out by the end of the month.

get * out +
竭力說出;用力發出 (聲音)
He was so upset he couldn’t get the words out.

get out of +
逃避做不喜歡的事情;不必承擔 (責任、職責、義務等)
I said I wasn’t feeling well and got out of the extra work.

get out of +
下車;下船;離開 (某一圍牆或籬笆高築的區域)
I fell into the water when I tried to get out of the canoe.
We got out of the taxi and paid the driver.

get out of +
停止 (某經常性的活動);戒掉、戒除 (某習慣)
If you get out of a routine, it can be hard to start again.

get * out of
從 (某人口中) 盤問出;從 (某人處) 探聽出
The police couldn’t get any information out of him.

get * out of
從 (某人處) 獲得 (某物)
Did you get a refund out of the travel agency?

get * out of
從 (某事) 獲得樂趣 (或獲益)
She’s getting a lot out of her university course.

get * out of
幫助 (某人) 逃避 (做某事)
I got him out of having to work at the weekend.

get out!
不會吧! (美國口語,僅用於祈使句,用來表示驚訝或不相信)
“I got 100% on the test.” “Get out!