storm off; storm out; stow away; straighten out; straighten up

storm off
氣沖沖地離去、走開 (與 storm out 同義)
They had a row and he stormed off.

storm out
氣沖沖地離去、走開 (與 storm off 同義)
He lost his temper and stormed out of the bar. (若未提到地方,則只要說 ‘He stormed out’ 就可以了)

stow away
偷乘 (車、船或飛機)
She stowed away on the plane but was caught when it landed.

stow * away
We stowed it away in the garage to keep it dry.

straighten * out +
使…變直;把…弄直;(腿等) 伸直
I’m always having to straighten out the wires connected to my computer.

straighten * out
處理 (問題、混亂的情況等);清理
I had to straighten out things after the mess they had made.

straighten * out
John spent years to straighten out his brother with alcohol abuse.

straighten up
She straightened up when her boss walked in.

straighten * up +
I straightened up the room before they arrived.