free up; frighten away/off; fritter away

free * up +
騰出 (時間等);省下 (金錢等);使可用於
If you get the work done tonight, it will free up the weekend to go to Taipei to hear the concert. (如果你今晚把工作做好,那麼週末就有空到台北聽那場演唱會)
The company can probably free up $50,000 for new network equipment. (公司大概可以省下五萬元來購買新的網路設備)

frighten * away/off +
把…嚇走;使…(緊張得、害怕得) 不敢去做…
Be quiet or you’ll frighten the squirrel away/off. (別出聲,否則會把松鼠嚇跑的)
The strikes frightened many visitors away/off. (罷工嚇跑了許多遊客)
The crash in share prices frightened away/off possible investors. (股價暴跌嚇跑了可能的投資人)

fritter * away +
揮霍,浪費 (金錢、時間或機會)
Over the next year he frittered away all his inheritance. (第二年他就把所有繼承的遺產揮霍掉了)
She fritters so much money away on jewelry. (她大把大把地花錢購買珠寶)